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    Magic Storm Glass

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    Because, let's face it, the weatherman isn't always right, you might not want to rely solely on his forecasts, or you might even enjoy forecasting your own forecasts! If that's the case, the Storm Glass is just what you've been looking for! The exact science behind the process is still unknown, but electromagnetic shifts in weather patterns have been suggested as a possible explanation. Whatever it is, it is successful!

    The mechanics of this system work on the theory that when the left side of the storm glass rises higher than the right side, it indicates sunny weather. A rainy day is indicated when the left side drops below the right side. The Storm Glass is actually quite fascinating to watch and is a wonderfully unique item to display at home or at the office! 

    This invention was created in the mid-1700s and quickly became a critical tool aboard ships and harbors across Europe, providing forecasts of impending bad weather. Admiral FitzRoy used a Storm Glass on his voyage with Darwin to the Galapagos Islands, and it gained notoriety as a result.

    This modern take on an old device is a fantastic and natural way to predict the weather. Will it be bright, cloudy, or thunderstorm-filled? The weather is absolutely predictable with the Storm Glass, as the presence of the liquid, which changes from clear to cloudy and then to crystal flakes, makes it unmistakably obvious! This sealed glass vessel, which is filled with a mixture of distilled water and camphor, changes appearance depending on the weather.

    The Storm Glass weather predictor is the perfect gift for friends, family or work colleagues! It's a symbol of Love, Affection, and Friendship and a unique and wonderful offering for anniversaries, weddings, or any special occasion! 

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