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    Ultimate 9 in 1 Push Up Board Home Workout Station

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    9 in 1 Push Up Board Home Workout Exercise Station is The Ultimate All in One Home Workout Gym Equipment to Build Muscle, Lose Fat, and Look AMAZING!

    Tired of having to go to the gym, paying MONTHLY for those expensive memberships, and just want to have a portable all in one home gym?

    Our 2020 Home Comprehensive Workout Station is an innovative color-coded complete home gym equipment innovation that strengthens and sculpts the entire upper body (chest, shoulders, back, and arms) and lower body (glutes, quads, and calves) while engaging your core!

    Isolate and work on every sub-muscle of your chest, shoulders, upper back, and triceps for the best and quickest results!

    This challenging strength and conditioning system combines push ups for a huge variety of bodyweight workouts with intense cardio to burn calories, plyometrics, and basic exercises for a full body workout. Just using this 30 minutes daily can help develop and tone muscles, burn calories, and lose weight.


    With The 9 in 1 Push Up Board Home Workout Exercise Station - you'll hold perfect form, comfortably perform the exercise & get mind-blowing, noticeable results via the diverse selection of workouts you have!

    When it comes to push ups, a simple change in hand placement provides you with a different target muscle and level of difficulty... Now you can work out smarter and maximize your results!


    Save Time and Money!

    In just 30 minutes a day with this push-up board, you can develop muscles, build strength, burn calories, and lose weight. Imagine being able to perform a game changing full body workout in the comfort of your home in just 30 minutes! Right now it's taking you that much time to drive to and from your overpriced gym! No excuses, we know you want to find time for your health so we made sure this can be used by anyone, everyone, anywhere, and anytime.


    • Color Coded Muscle Match
    • Heavy duty board system with multiple positions and angles that sculpt and maximize the upper body definition.
    • Foldable and Portable
    • Premium, Cushioning, Non-slip Handles. 

    • 1x 9 in 1 Push Up Board Home Workout Exercise Station
    • 16x non-skid ultra grip padding dots
    • 2x Non-slip Handles

    Question: How well does this product work on carpet?
    Answer: It works great on carpet. I'm sure it would be better on the floor but I have all carpeting and I have no issues at all.

    Question: Is this worth buying?
    AnswerIt works perfectly and everyone always asks to use it when they come over my house because of how well it works. 

    Question: Does this help strengthen and develop muscles well?
    Answer: I have been using this for months now and I have seen major differences in strength, conditioning, and stability. The fact that it's compact and portable is even better so I literally bring this wherever I go and love it.


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