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    Rotating Computer Armrest Pad (Forearm & Wrist strain reducer)

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    Rotating Computer Armrest Pad (Forearm & Wrist strain reducer) 

    • Extra comfort is provided by the soft surface pad.
    • It's possible to connect it to a desk or a chair.
    • The fully adjustable 180 ball joint can be used on either the left or right side.
    • Effectively aid in the promotion of blood circulation.
    • Ideal for use at home or in the workplace.

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    • The weight of the entire forearm and elbow is distributed evenly. The forearm's weight is spread over a wide surface area.
    • This decreases localized wrist pressure and removes the persistent strain on neck, arm, and shoulder muscles that so many computer users encounter.
    • The pad hides a few useful tricks behind its simplicity. While the forearm is mounted on top of the padlock, it can be adjusted to the desired location.
    • Two units can be installed (one on each side of the keyboard) to give complete support to forearms. The armrest is extremely portable and installs simply and quickly.
    • The pad has been extensively tested for strength and we are confident that under normal use, it will not crack or break.


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