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    Faucet Water Aerator

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    Cleaning the dishes is a boring job that no one likes, but with the aid of the Faucet Water Aerator, you can clean all of your dishes as well as the sink in no time. It's a 360-degree rotating faucet attachment head inspired by technological versatility and artful design. It boosts the strength, range, and momentum of water, making it easier to clean.

    It's also known as an aerator because it mixes air with water and creates bubbles, giving it a champagne look. It can be linked to any round-faced faucet in your house. It has three different speed modes to choose from, depending on your needs. While it increases the water pressure and assists you in cleaning, it alsoĀ reducesĀ the time taken in the processĀ henceĀ saving water usage.Ā 

    You don't require additional attachments or plumber to install it. It also has a built-in dirt strainer to trap sand and dust particle so you donā€™t have to worry about any contamination in the water. Enjoy safe and mess-free cleaning.


    • 360Ā° Reach: The Faucet Water Aerator can be rotated in any direction 360 degrees. It can easily enter inaccessible areas of the sink, such as corners, and clean them with ease. It can be used with any kitchen, garden, or bathroom faucet.

    • Multi-Speed Modes: The Faucet Water Aerator has three different water modes that can be switched with a single button: Pulse, Integrated, and Shower. The Pulse (narrow spray) and Shower (wide spray) modes are combined in the Integrated mode. You'll be able to fulfil all of your washing requirements this way.

    • Self-Cleansing:Ā Faucet Water Aerator has been intelligently designed as a self-cleaning product. It works when it is attached to a faucet and the increased pressure of water cleans Faucet Water Aerator every time it is used. So you simply clean it every time you clean your fruits, veggies or dishes.
    • Install in a Jiffy: In minutes, a Faucet Water Aerator can be mounted on any round face faucet. The installation does not necessitate the use of any tools or the services of a plumber. Simply clip the rubber attachment to the face of the faucet, and the Faucet Water Aerator is ready to use.
    • Environment-Friendly:Ā It has been tried and tested thoroughly for your convenience that proves Faucet Water Aerator is an extremely efficient product. It reduces your energy and water usage and hence water wastage by 50 % to 70 % of your current usage.
    • Premium Quality: It's made of stainless steel of the highest quality, ABS rubber, and silicone. It is corrosion-proof, acid-proof, and wear-proof thanks to the stainless steel. It is non-toxic and long-lasting thanks to the ABS plastic. The silicone pads are effective at sealing and preventing leakage.
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