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    Full Face Snorkel Mask With GoPro Mount

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    Do you want to go snorkeling on your next vacation? This full-face snorkel mask with a GoPro mount will improve your snorkeling experience by allowing you to breathe more easily underwater. You can also mount your GoPro to catch the beautiful ocean and corals while keeping your hands free to move around.

    If you enjoy snorkeling and diving, you are probably conscious of the difficulty of carrying heavy equipment and the resulting jaw pain from the mouthpiece. For all divers, the Full Face Snorkel Mask is a one-stop solution that will improve their snorkeling experience. It helps a person to see and breathe underwater for an extended period of time without difficulty.

    The Full Face Snorkel Mask has a tube or snorkel on top that allows us to breathe underwater with our nose. The design lacks the most popular snorkeling concerns, such as leakage and fogging. It comes in a variety of sizes to best suit every face. Since it is so thin, anybody, whether a child or an adult, can easily use Full Face Snorkel Mask when snorkeling.

    The Full Face Snorkel Mask aims to broaden the reach and accessibility of underwater snorkeling for swimmers, amateurs, adventurers, and explorers.

    Product Features

    • Dry Snorkel Technology: As the name implies, the Full Face Snorkel Mask prevents water from entering the snorkel and holds it dry. It's possible because of a float valve mechanism on the top of the snorkel that locks when it's underwater and opens when it's on the surface. Unlike conventional snorkels, it allows you to breathe freely through your nose.
    • Anti-Fogging System: A dual vent system allows air to flow within the Full Face Snorkel Mask. This eliminates the fogging that occurs while breathing underwater. You'll also stop a lot of jaw pain because it lacks a mouthpiece.
    • Silicone Face Skirt: The silicone skirt of the Full Face Snorkel Mask transitions to the shape and size of your face to ensure a seamless fit. The silicone skirt's intention is to create a watertight seal against your face, ensuring that no water gets into your mask.
    • Panoramic View: It has an ultra-clear, strong and transparent screen to view the underwater ecosystem. It does not restrict our vision as the Full Face Snorkel Mask has a 180° panoramic view, which is wider than the normal human vision. The screen is attached to the strong polycarbonate frame and is totally leak-proof.
    • GoPro Friendly: The Full Face Snorkel Mask has a GoPro mount on the top portion. If you have a GoPro or similar camera, you can attach it to this mask before going on a water adventure and share the footage with yourself, friends, or family.
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