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    High Quality Expandable Garden Hose

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    Watering your garden has never been easier! 

    The Extra-Long Expandable Garden Hose will extend up to 25 feet when filled with water and then contract to its original length for easy storage. It enables you to easily perform a variety of watering tasks, such as showering your pets, washing your car, watering your garden, or watering your company.

    These hoses are safe for average water pressure and are made of a sturdy, pressure-resistant latex material. The solid brass is made of a high-quality polymer with non-breakable copper fittings.

    Product Features:

    • Convenient Expandable Design: The expandable super hoses can make your life simpler. These hoses are lightweight, retractable, shrinkable, kink-free, and extend automatically. You'll have a good time watering both indoors and out.
    • Space Efficient: When the water is turned on, it naturally stretches to a maximum of 25 feet and then retracts to its original length when the water is turned off. This hose is lightweight and compact, fitting into a small pocket.
    • Durable and Heavy-Duty: The hose never kinks, tangles, or twists, has convenient solid brass fittings, and a high-pressure valve that can be turned on and off at their end. To make the hoses the strongest and most versatile and expandable available, the highest material quality is used.
    • Save Space: This amazing water hose starts out at 25 Feet and expands to 150 Feet with water pressure. When you're done, the hose quickly shrinks within seconds to its original size! Save yourself the frustration from wrangling a normal rubber hose.

    • Make Life Easier: This newly designed expandable water hose will never tangle or twist. It's extremely flexible and easy to handle for storage!

    • Adjustable Spray: This high-quality expandable hose comes with a spray nozzle with 8 powerful spray settings. Made of solid brass pieces engineered for excellent corrosion resistance and durability.


    the Initial length(m)

    stretched working length

    (when the water press is enough strong)

    25ft 2.2m 5.5m-6.2m
    50FT 4.2m 12.5m-16m
    75ft 6.5m 18m - 22m
    100FT 8.5m 25m - 28m
    125ft 10% 30m - 33m
    150FT 13m 36m - 40m
    • Before starting to use, please check if there is a little looseness at each threaded joint. If it is, please tighten it first, so as to effectively reduce the water leakage.
    • When using this water pipe for the first time, connect the faucet to one end and the nozzle to the other end, so that the nozzle is in the open state, open the faucet, slowly fill the water, first remove the air inside the tube (ie the nozzle can effluent), then Close the sprinkler, then slowly extend the water pipe to the maximum, then turn off the water, open the sprinkler drain, let it retracts to its original length, and then use it normally.
    • Connect the water pipe to the faucet, and when the water starts to be discharged, gradually increase the water pressure, the water pipe will automatically extend and complete, and then it can be used through the nozzle
    • When you are not using the water pipe, close the faucet, open the nozzle, and remove the water from the water pipe to make it shrink back to the original length.


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