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    Home Workout Ab Roller

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    Your busy life prevents you from going to the gym on a regular basis? You can now carry your workout session to your house, exercising your whole musculature from head to toe, with Ab Roller Workout Equipment. This is a running roller that can provide a full-body workout anywhere and at any time.

    It functions as exercise equipment and features two wheels with handlebars on either side for a stronger grip when working out.
    This ab roller, which comes with a super-elastic and sturdy pull cord, will strengthen your abs and core from all angles in no time.

    Ab Roller Fitness Equipment helps you to hit several muscle groups at once and perform a number of workouts with only one piece of equipment.
    It can be used for your shoulders, thighs, stomach, and back, and it will deliver better results in less time than typical exercises and equipment.

    Since you can do over 40 different exercises with this one-time buy, this strong roller is a flexible, highly reliable, and affordable way to get in shape.


    • One-Stop Destination for your Workout Routine: The ab rollers not only work your abs, but they also help you develop stamina in a number of muscle groups. It works on your arms, upper back, and glute muscles, so you don't need to spend money on expensive workout equipment. 
    • Specially Engineered with Dual Rollers: Dual rollers are mounted to the handles of the Ab Roller Workout Equipment, allowing for better control and a safer workout routine. The dual wheels add stability to your exercise routine, making it more convenient. They glide along without skidding and keep you balanced. For optimal performance, this ergonomic design often increases heart and arm interaction.
    • Adjustable Resistance: Resistance training improves muscle strength, tone, mass, and stamina, and Ab Roller Workout Equipment has adjustable resistance ropes. By adjusting the high elastic resistance bands given at the bottom of the knee pad, you can choose between five different training levels. The shorter the cords are, the more resistance you'll get, resulting in a more intense workout.

    • Never Miss Out on your Exercises Again: You no longer have to worry about missing a workout session while on holiday or on business because Ab Roller Workout Equipment is lightweight and light, making it easier to take it everywhere you go. You can easily store it in the bag given, so you won't have to worry about running out of room.
    • Beginners Can Use it Too: Professionals and beginners alike will benefit from the Ab Roller Workout Equipment. You can do forward stretches and side planks and stretches by moving sideways. Aside from these, you can try roller crunches, ab wheel planks, front roll-outs, v roll-outs, and other exercises. In no time, you'll be as good as a pro.
    • Convenient and Safe: To improve workout safety and enable a wide variety of workouts in full range, the rollers are attached to an Anti-slip kneeling board that supports your knees when you exercise and helps you in maintaining your grip on the floor. Whether you are a beginner or not, you will not have to worry about accidental injuries.
    • Super Strong and Durable: This equipment is made up of high-quality EVA making it sturdy and effective. The strong pull ropes are created out of premium grade rubber, providing you with a flexible and heavy workout session. It will go a long way to accompany you in your fitness schedule.


    • Colour: Green
    • Material: ABS+PP=EVA
    • Adjustable Rope Length: 35-95cm (stretchable)
    • Kneeboard Size: 42x14x4.5cm


      • 1 x Ab Roller Workout Equipment
      • 1 x Carry bag
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