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    Mesotherapy Electroporation RF SkinCare

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    With this latest revolutionary Facial LED Light Photon Skin Care system, you can say goodbye to wrinkles, acne, sagginess, and dull skin. It works by stimulating muscles, activating skin cells, and encouraging collagen production. It helps your skin keep its firmness, elasticity, smoothness, and flawless appearance in this way. The red light stimulates the development of fibre and collagen; the blue light is used to treat acne; the yellow light is used to improve skin immunity; and the green light is used to reduce hyperpigmentation.

    Product Features:

    • Professional 5 in 1 rechargeable electric Skin Lifting Machine
    • Multiple functions, a single machine to meet your multiple skin lifting needs
    • RF, EMS, LED, Electroporation, Microwave pulse
    • 5 LED colors, further improve skin quality
    • 4 keys control, lightweight pen, easy to use
    • Suitable for eyes, faces, heads, bodies and all skin type
    • Safety and Household Using


    • EMS: To activate the cell and stimulate recombination and collagen regeneration. The unique EMS current gently stimulates the skin to trigger secondary muscular movement, giving your skin a slightly needled and elastic feeling, stimulate hypodermis to achieve effect of activating cell, stimulating collagen shrink and recombination as well as regeneration of new collagen to make skin more firm, vigour, and elastic, improve wrinkles and fine lines of skin to renew smooth, and stimulate hypodermis to achieve effect of activating cell.
    • Pulse wave: With a special output pulse current and plus-minus pulse electrode alternation, the device stimulates deeper skin, inducing deeper contraction and relaxation of the internal organization of the skin to straighten out slack muscle and skin.
    • Mesoporation: "Mesoporation" is a mixture of mesotherapy and electroporation that is commonly used in Europe as a needleless type of mesotherapy. It has a high penetration level into the skin. According to reports, mesoporation penetrates the skin 10 times deeper than traditional therapy in 1mm and 27 times deeper in 4mm, and has a remarkable anti-aging and whitening effect.
    • RF: Electrical energy tends to obey the shortest distance between two electrodes, which is a feature of RF. As electricity passes through living tissue, the high energy flow creates heat as a result of the high frequency and the living tissue's resistance to electricity, making it feel hot.
    • 5 color LED (Light energy): It works efficiently and stably without damaging the skin by using an especially LED light developed exclusively for beauty equipment. It has a red light, blue light & yellow light.

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    101835 (6)

    Product Specifications

    Material: Plastic
    Size: 160*50 * 40mm/6.3*1.95*1.57 inch
    Type: Face masser
    Powder: DC 3.7V, Max 5W
    Plug: USB
    Handpiece weight: 85g
    Charging time: 15-20 minutes
    Working time: 10minutes/time(suggest), 100 minutes in full powder


    Package Includes:

    • 1x Beauty machine
    • 1x USB charge cable
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