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    Portable Quantum Nano High Hydrogen Water Generator

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    Make sure you only consume the best and safest water with this portable nano high hydrogen water generator. Be on the go and unstoppable as you quench your thirst!


    • ADJUSTMENT OF CIRCULATION: the thermal effect of the human body absorbs the energy of the quantum material causes the skin temperature to rise, on the one hand, stimulated intradermal thermal sensors, through the thalamic reflex to relax vascular smooth muscle, vascular expansion of blood flow accelerated. On the other hand, it causes the release of vasoactive substances, decreases the tension of blood vessels, dilates small arteries, capillaries, and venous capillaries, accelerates blood flow, and thus accelerates human circulation.
    • REGULATION OF MICROCIRCULATION: As blood flow accelerates, a large amount of quantum energy is carried to various tissues and organs of the whole body, and acts on the microcirculation system, regulating the contractile function of the microcirculation blood vessels.
    • PROLONG LIFE: Healthy products derived from quantum energy materials can speed up circulation, make metabolism more powerful, improve the function of organism tissues and organs, and slow down the process of organ decline.


    • Capacity: 200ml-600ML (Can be used in mineral water bottles)
    • Operating: Touch switch
    • Hydrogen Concentration: 3600-5500ppb (depending on the quality)
    • Electrolysis Time: 6 Minutes (Drinking hydrogen water) 20 Minutes (Breathing hydrogen)
    • Battery Capacity: 1600mAh
    • Charging Time: 2H
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