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    Shot Lock - Basketball Shooting Hand Trainer - 1 Shot Lock

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    Master the secret and get the confidence to shoot like a pro!

    When shooting, almost every coach in the world instructs his or her players to keep just their finger pads and fingertips on the ball. The ball should remain absolutely off of your palm if you want to be a strong and accurate shooter. What is the explanation for this? It aids in ball control and getting a good feel for the shot.

    Shot Lock - Basketball Shooting Hand Trainer is what you need if you want to boost your shooting accuracy and ball control. It's the best basketball shooting device for improving your game. This tiny shooting trainer stretches fingers to improve ball control and forces players to hold the ball off their palms. For better shooting and passing, it encourages proper release and follow-through.


    • Help develop a¬†one-handed catch with¬†the offhand just providing stability and balance in catching the ball.
    • A¬†better rotation on the shot will¬†result in more shots bouncing in instead of flying out.
    • With muscle memory,¬†over time, you will just be using it for a few minutes a day to reinforce that perfect form.

    • This shooting hand trainer¬†spreads your fingers apart equally for¬†a wider grip.
    • Wider grip =¬†More control of the ball.
    • More control of the ball =¬†Improved shooting percentage.

    • Your shot will¬†improve within 15 minutes of¬†trying this tool due to the amount of sensory input being received.
    • It gives the shooter the¬†best chance of¬†making the shot with all the benefits you need
    • Improve your shooting percentage,¬†you'll be amazed by your new shooting accuracy

    • Take on and off in seconds.
    • All you have to do is put on the¬†easy to wear hand¬†trainer and start shooting.
    • No more shooting with the fingers too close¬†together or changing finger position on the release of the shot.

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