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    Sous Vide Container 11L

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    Collapsible Hinged Sous Vide Container with Lid for Circulator Sous Vide Culinary Quick Warm Cooker 11 Liter Capacity

    • ✔ IMMERSION CIRCULATOR COMPATIBLE… with sturdy sides ready for mounting most sous vide cookers in the market
      Water Evaporation is minimized due to the notched cover, which allows removal without shifting the circulator. Cook for an extended period of time, including overnight, without having to refill the bath.
    • QUICKLY COOK LARGE MEALS... With a capacity of 11 litres, it can comfortably accommodate whole chickens or roast cuts. Prepare gourmet meals for the whole family in one sitting.
    • Fast AND STRESS-FREE CLEANING... It's fully dishwasher clean. There will be no more scrubbing in the sink or wrestling with big containers. Put it in the washing machine!
    • ✔ DROP DURABILITY… unlike glass, it’s shatter-resistant so you won’t be sweeping shards off your kitchen when you should be cooking a great meal.
    • ✔ HEATPROOF GUARANTEE… with polycarbonate material that withstands up to 100°C/210°F. Heat up as high as you need to slow-cook tender meats perfectly all the way through

     Biolomix Collapsible Hinged Sous Vide Container with Lid for Circulator Sous Vide Culinary Precision Cooker 11 Liter Capacity (6)

    • Cook sous vide like a professional chef in your own home with this sturdy and reliable sous vide water bath container.
    • Our polycarbonate water container holds up to 11L. Water balls & sous vide precision cooker NOT INCLUDE.
    • Sous vide involves partially cooking a meal, wrapping it in a vacuum bag, and then immersing it in water to cook it to a specific temperature. Unlike other cooking methods, sous vide avoids overcooking by ensuring that the temperature of the food in the vacuum sealed bag never exceeds that of the bath.
    • Chefs will infuse more spice into the food in a shorter period of time by sealing the meal in the bag rather than using more time-consuming methods like slow cooking or oven roasting. In comparison to other fast cooking methods such as pressure cooking, it also retains more flavor.


    Application Temperature Range: -40℃ to 100℃

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