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    Washing Machine Tub Bomb Cleaner (10 pieces per pack)

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    With just one tablet, you can give your washing machine an instant deep clean! Both front loader and top loader machines are compatible.
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    Did you know that the average family washes 6,000 pieces of clothing every year? Where you can see it, your drum can appear to be clean. However, mold and gel-like dirt have most likely built up in the door seal, pipes, and drum. It can clog hoses, make the washing machine smell bad, and even leave deposits on the clothes.

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    You don't have to be concerned any longer because the Washing Machine Tub Bomb Cleaner will take care of it. It removes dirt and odor-causing residues using enzyme and active oxygen decontamination properties. It also aids in the dissolution of oily substances in the shower. It cleans thoroughly because it can clean any part of your pool, even areas that aren't visible and could contain stagnant dirt.
    It's easy to use. Simply drop one tablet into the drum and run the wash cycle. It is specially formulated to slowly dissolve during the whole wash cycle, breaking up the residue and making it more powerful than bleach. It is completely healthy and will not harm your washing machine in any way. Using the cleaner once a month to keep your washing machine fresh and clean, even though it has been extensively used for years!
    • Both washing machine brands, front loaders, and top loaders are compatible.
    • Easy to use: Fill the drum with 1 tablet and start the wash cycle.
    • With enzyme and active oxygen decontamination, dirt and odor-causing residuals are effectively removed.
    • Dissolves a variety of oily liquids.
    • The washing machine was not harmed.
    • Size: Approx. 1 x 1 inch or 2.6 x 2.6 cm
    • Weight: 0.53 oz or 15 g
    • 1 pack (6 pieces)
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